• Academic therapy differs from traditional tutoring. Academic therapy is an intensive remedial approach that starts from ground zero and rebuilds step-by-step to ensure that no gaps exist for the student, where traditional tutoring is more focused on assisting students with their homework and classwork.
  • To be successful, academic therapy must be intense: sessions must occur at least twice a week for one hour each time. Academic Therapy is year-round and varies based on the student’s needs. Most students benefit from between 2-3 years of therapy.
  • Read-Write offers academic therapy in the following areas:

Dyslexia Therapy

Written Composition

Multisensory Handwriting

Mutisensory Grammar

Reading Comprehension

Reading Readiness for Pre-K & K

Multisensory Math

Technology Training

  • New! Read-Write now offers remote dyslexia therapy through web conferencing platform. This is a great option for students who live too far away to drive to our clinic twice a week.