Holiday Learning

School is out for the holiday!  But, that does not mean your child's learning should stop.  Winter break is the perfect time to reinforce skills in a fun way!  It is also the perfect time to focus on skills your child may have struggled with over the past semester.  Keeping your child engaged and learning during the holidays is a great way to make the transition back to school in January easier!  \

READ          Read a poem or nursery rhyme aloud to your child.  Have you child identify words that rhyme!  Then, have your child generate other words that rhyme.                     Older students can read or listen to an audiobook.  After finishing, watch the movie & have your child illustrate his/her favorite part! 

WRITE     Keep a journal!  Have your child write about fun things they have done/want to do over the holiday.  Don't be overly concerned about spelling; focus on content.  It is important to find something positive to say about your child’s writing.           Another way to integrate writing into the holiday is to have your child write Christmas cards or thank you notes to loved ones.

SIGHT WORDS   Play Go Fish with your child's sight words!  Have your child use Play-Doh to "build" their sight words.

MATH:   Have your child help you cook or bake over the holiday!  Measuring, counting & budgeting to prepare a meal is a great way for your child to apply his/her math knowledge.  

OTHER ACTIVITIES:                                                                                                         Have a family game night! Play tic tac toe - instead of using x's and o's use b's & d's. Games provide many learning opportunities!                                                                                Younger children- winter break is a perfect time to learn your address & phone number or practice tying your shoes.                                                                                                                                                       Older students- learn one new word a day.   



About the Author: Katherine Beckmann is an instructor and administrative assistant at Read Write's Mobile office. Katie has over 8 years of teaching experience, and as a mother of 3, she also has lots of experience keeping kids engaged over breaks and holidays!