Ready to Read

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Read Write is excited to offer a Reading Readiness program for students ages 4-6. This class is ideal for those young minds who may need that extra push. We follow a protocol developed by Neuhaus, one the country’s top training and research institutions for teachers. We will use a multi-sensory approach with a small group of students. The activities are engaging, fun, and most importantly encompasses the five components to teach pre-readers. We hope to work with different pre-schools on the eastern shore to deliver the instruction at the child’s location to provide a convenience to parents as well as provide instruction at our Daphne office.  

Early intervention is a proactive and preventative step to help prevent potential leaning gaps. Effective pre-reading instruction at an early age helps mold your child into a confident reader. According to the National Reading Panel, there are five essential components in teaching young minds to read.  

Phonological awareness- ability to hear and manipulate individual sounds

Phonics- knowledge that letters of the alphabet represent phonemes, and that these sounds are blended together to form written words

Fluency- the ability to recognize words easily, read with greater speed, accuracy, and expression, and to have a better understanding of what is read

Vocabulary- knowledge of words and their definition

Comprehension- understanding meaning in text

A hands on teaching approach that incorporates all of these components at an early age can give your child the boost they need to start that kindergarten year and become a reader. Be on the lookout for more exciting programs and opportunities coming to the Eastern Shore soon!

About the author: Martha is one of our newest Read Write team members. She was previously a special education teacher in Mountain Brook, Alabama and Learning specialist at Bayside Academy. When she is not teaching she is spending time outside, hopefully on the water, and with her family and friends. She is looking forward to her first group of little ones who are Ready to Read!