Silver Linings

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You know that saying: “every gray cloud has a silver lining”? I think it’s safe to say that we all have tough days, days when it’s really difficult to find that silver lining, if we even bother to look. But, it is out of the mouth of babes that we can find solace in simple “silver lining” philosophy.

I was reminded to always find the silver amid the gray when we received an email from a parent this morning which read: “Last night Ruby came home so proud of how much she was able to read in her library book (Junie B Jones). She had to show me how fast she could read to page 8. She said, ‘I know other kids probably can read a lot more in same time, but for me this is a lot!’”

The strength and self-confidence to outwardly express her pride in reading even though her peers are reading more, is quite humbling to me. Not only is she focused on the good, she’s focusing on her own growth rather than comparing herself to her peers. – Hold on to that ideology, Ruby! It will serve you well in adolescence and adulthood!

Mom continued, “[Later that night] after getting sick, I told her it looks like she will be home today. She said, ‘At least I can read my library books.’” 

Ruby’s refreshing “silver lining” philosophy cheerfully calls us to remember how far we or our children have come in respective goals and to simply keep moving even if we are a mile behind the closest runner. And, suddenly, the thought of a sick little girl who is stuck in bed until the fever breaks has been illuminated by the thought of a little girl who is dyslexic, lying in bed, reading Junie B. Jones independently. 

About the author: Lydia Price is a Read Write instructor who loves hearing student success stories. She is often inspired by her students and wants to share some of those moments with our readers. Lydia's favorite part of working at Read Write is getting to know the children and watching them enhance their various strengths as they improve their math or reading skills! 

*Permission was granted by both "Ruby" and her mother to share this email.