Dyslexia Hero 2017

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Great news! We have selected a Dyslexia Hero! We were overwhelmed with the participation in our survey and we want to thank all classroom teachers! Y'all rock!! It was a tough choice but we are excited to honor Autumn Zellner, our Dyslexia Hero 2017! Congratulations! 

Check out some strategies she uses below! 

Tips from a classroom teacher for working with Dyslexic students:

  1. Reading is hard!  It is even more difficult if you struggle with Dyslexia.  Rather than one long lesson, try two or three short lessons.  Giving students time to absorb the lesson and take breaks will help with focus. 
  2. Reading should be fun!  Students should be reading and reading often, but they should also be given opportunities to fall in love with reading.  Listening to an audiobook, hearing a read aloud, or sharing a book with a reading buddy will increase a student’s motivation to read.  
  3. Read in the mornings, no one is at their best in the afternoons.
  4. Set reading goals and know that a student may not be able to read an entire book in one setting.  You read a page and I’ll read a page, can be a good compromise, it also allows for an opportunity for on the spot modeling of good reading skills.    
  5. Get excited about an author.  I LOVE Mo Willems.  Students get excited when they see that you are excited.  Model what a love of reading looks like.  

Author: Autumn Zellner