Banish the Homework Blues

Now that the back to school excitement has worn off, have the homework blues hit your home?  Homework is designed to reinforce skills and knowledge learned at school.  However, homework can be a source of great frustration.  Check out these tips to make homework time less stressful!

Step 1: Be Prepared!  

Stock up on pencils, paper, markers, crayons, index cards, scissors and glue.  Keep these items in a central location for easy access during homework time.  Be prepared by creating an easy way for your child to access necessary homework supplies.  

Step 2: Develop A Plan

Does your child have a homework planner?  This planner should be used daily to record assignments, upcoming tests and projects.  Hang a calendar in a central location at home noting important test and project dates.  Use the calendar to help your child prioritize work and develop a plan for getting long-term assignments done.  

Step 3: Create A Routine

Find a homework routine that works for your family.  Does your child prefer to complete his/her homework as soon as they get home?  Or, does he/she need time to decompress from a busy day before diving into homework?  Develop a routine that works for your child and your family. 

Step 4: Utilize technology

Does your child’s math homework leave you scratching your head?  Check out Khan Academy.  Need a way for your child to practice for his/her upcoming test independently? Create quizzes using Quizlet.  Does your child struggle with math fact fluency?  Try XtraMath.  Is your child struggling to complete his/her book report book?  Ask your local library about how to check out audiobooks.  Technology can be a great tool to help your child build independence.    

Step 5: Keep a Log

If homework continues to be a problem, keep a log.  Keep track of how much time it takes your child to complete each subject.  Once you pinpoint the specific subject(s) or assignments that are causing struggles, schedule an appointment to meet with your child’s teacher.  

Step 6: Seek Outside Help

Homework should not leave you (or your child) overwhelmed and frustrated.  Keeping family time for “fun” and reaching out to a professional for homework support can be a great solution for alleviating the back-to-school homework blues.