Dart Through Summer Reading

Summer reading … What a bummer! Not at Read Write!  This summer, our goal was to inspire our students not only to read their assigned summer books but also enjoy reading all summer long. To do that, we started an initiative: Dart Through Summer Reading. For every 20 pages a student eye read or for every 40 minutes a student ear read, they earned a balloon. At the end of the summer, the students could cash in their balloons for a chance to throw a dart at paint filled balloons, which were attached to a canvas. We called it our End-Of-Summer Dart Art Party.

When I started this initiative at the beginning of the summer, I was expecting some participation but I did not expect so much excitement! The students were off and running. As fast as I could restock the balloon cup, the students were tacking them up with their cartoon. I recruited the help of my fellow instructors to cut out paper balloons. It was just too much; my hand was going to fall off! Everyone happily pitched in and we kept the balloon cup full.

But looking at the walls of the learning center, realizing that the creators of “Up” would be jealous, I thought, “there is no way I can fill enough balloons or buy enough canvases for what these students have earned.” That was a pretty exciting moment… A bit overwhelming but so exciting!

Enter, Kate. Kate is the newest instructor at Read Write and she was a lifesaver during this event. Kate and I brainstormed a bit and finally decided that we needed to cap the number of times a student could throw a dart. We decided the cut off was 10 balloons. Anyone who earned more, received 10 chances to throw a dart and the received a goody bag in addition. Kate even created balloon rockets out of straws, string and balloons, which we stuffed in goody bags. We were so impressed with the students; we got trophies for our three highest earners who earned 82, 53, and 40 balloons!  

Read Write is so proud of all our students!  Thank you guys for working so hard all summer and coming out to celebrate YOUR accomplishments!  



Welcome to the inaugural blog post from Read Write! We are excited to unveil our new website and to share more with our parents and students.

The start of our new blog also marks the start of a new school year—new teachers, classrooms, books, schedules, activities—it can be a hectic time. For many kids, that first day back to school can be intimidating.  What is a kid to do when bombarded with so many new people, environments, and expectations?

Luckily, our students have adults who can help guide them as they tackle the new school year. As a parent, you have the unique opportunity to help shape your child’s outlook by modeling your own attitudes and by having meaningful conversations with them. Here are some topics that you could discuss with your kiddos to get them pumped and ready for the beginning of a new school year!

  • Remind them that new beginnings means new opportunities. That can mean new friends, new favorite teachers, new favorite classes—the possibilities are endless! Each year they get to start fresh.
  • Talk to your kids about how the new school year means they are one year older and one year smarter than they were last year. This means they can learn more challenging material or read harder books! They should take pride in their growth from year to year.
  • Get excited about the start of the school year with your kids by preparing their backpack with the necessary school supplies and laying out clothes for the first day of school! Share the enthusiasm together.
  • Talk about what their goals are for this school year. Does your child want to become a better reader? Better at math? More independent with homework? Make more friends? Be a positive role model? Get involved with a new extracurricular? Talking about goals will help your kids achieve them.

We would love to hear how these conversations go, so if you do discuss any of these talking points with your kids, feel free to let us know! Together we can support and encourage our students as they undertake the challenge of a new school year. As always, thank you for your support!