• Diagnostic testing through Read-Write is an alternative to psycho-educational testing from a psychologist or through your child’s school if...

    • Your child has an isolated problem with reading, writing, spelling, and language, and not other aptitudes.

    • You want your child tested by a professional who specializes in dyslexia and reading problems.

    • You are seeking a professional opinion outside of your child’s school.

  • Costs vary according to type of testing and range from $50-$350.

  • Duration varies according to type of testing and age of student and range from 30 minutes to 2 hours.


  • A trained consultant determines if your child matches the profile of dyslexia using a combination of informal and standardized measures of phonological processing, word reading, spelling, fluency, and comprehension.


  • A specialist evaluates your child’s reading abilities in the areas of phonological processing, decoding, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.


  • A specialist evaluates your pre-school or beginning Kindergarten child’s alphabet knowledge and phonological processing.

Math Screening:

  • A specialist identifies gaps in math knowledge and skills and determines appropriate starting point for math intervention.

In Take form: