“I believe every child should have the tools and skills they need to perform at their God-given IQ.  Read Write made that possible for my children.”  
— Angela Cocke, mom of 2 dyslexics 
“Thank you so much for all you and the others are doing at Read-Write to teach our daughter to read and write. She told me that a lot of words don’t scare her anymore and reading is now her favorite subject! We are amazed!
— Parent of 5th grader
“Read-Write is a blessing for my child. Ms. Julie and all of her teachers have taught my child how to adapt to his dyslexia in a regular classroom learning environment. The learning experiences that my child receives at Read-Write are very positive at he loves Read-Write more than his regular classroom atmosphere. Thank you Read-Write for teaching my child how to overcome his learning struggles and making academics fun again!”
— Leigh Ankerson Bailey, Parent
“At Read-Write (the staff) are professional educators and know what to do. (The program) is made to fit each individual student and is provided by the right people. In a little over a year my child has gone from reading on a second grade level to reading on grade level. We will not stop now because we know if she continues it will only help keep her on target for next year.”
— Parent of 4th grader
“Read-Write really helps me keep my grades up. I feel like it makes me smarter. I can read out loud in class now.”
— 3rd grader (Level 4)
“They taught me to how to read. The traditional way was not working. They have a special way and it works. I’m not scared and I don’t hate going to school anymore.”  
— Ava Cocke, 11
“My son is in the 3rd grade. Before we found the folks at Read-Write his self esteem was really suffering along with his reading and spelling. We were so worried about him. About a month after he started working with Julie and the others he began smiling again and coming out of his shell. He is now a happy little guy and thinks it is great to be dyslexic along with all of those famous people! He really wants to read now and thinks he can do anything! Thank you”
— Parent of 3rd grader
“I made A/B Honor Roll for the first time ever!!!!!”
— 4th grade student (End of Level 4)
“As a dyslexic, I know first hand what it feels like to be held back in 3rd grade, to struggle in school, to pray that the teacher does not call on you and to always, even as an adult, under estimate yourself and your intelligence.  Read Write saved my children from having to endure that painful existence and in turn has given them the skills, tools and confidence needed to excel in the classroom and in life.”
— Angela Cocke, mom of 2 dyslexics 
“Before I came to Read-Write I use to have my mom read this series of books that I like-Now I am re-reading them myself! I am so happy about that.”
— 5th grader (end of Level 6)
“My child has transformed from a very self-conscious and frustrated little boy in school to a confident, hard-working student.  Read-Write has taught my child in the way that HE needed to be taught as an individual as opposed to the way schools are geared to teach to the majority. It brings tears to my eyes when he reads signs, menus, and short stories eagerly and spells words with confidence. I can’t speak highly enough about all of the caring, patient teachers and staff at Read-Write.”
— Jane Langham, Parent
“As a mom, one of your most heart sinking moments is when you get a call from the school nurse.   Most of us are prepared and equipped to manage a medical emergency for our child, but we never think about how we might manage a learning or education emergency.  Read Write was our “emergency room”.  They stopped the bleeding, and gave us more than a band-aid solution.  They mended our wounds and taught us the skills we need to manage and excel above our diagnosis.”  
— Angela Cocke, mom of 2 dyslexics 
“Zoë made a 100% on her reading EQT today!! And remember, that’s without ANY accommodations! I’m so proud of her and just wanted to thank you for your program and your wonderful teachers!”
— Parent of 2nd grader
“This is a great class. It helps me a lot in reading. I love it too! I try to tell my friends in Resource at school to come here. “
— 3rd grade student (Level 4)
“Once Dylan was diagnosed as being dyslexic we didn’t know which way to turn because we are not from Mobile.  Someone recommended Read-Write to us and Dylan began to attend once a day to help with his reading. The staff at Read Write was great and always kept us up to date on Dylan and his progress and what was next in his development.  Dylan is progressing so much because of their experience with dyslexic kids and their knowledge on how these wonderful kids learn.  We are extremely thankful for the teachers at Read Write and their attention they give our son in his development in learning.
Addi struggled in many classrooms and would leave her school for extra tutoring at Read Write. The tutoring during the school year was very helpful as she got one on one attention in the areas she was struggling with in a normal classroom

The teachers and administration at Read-Write are very caring and loving toward both of our children. We would be lost in developing our kids learning and understanding in their education without the wonderful people at Read Write”
— Michael Strickland, Parent
“I just wanted to let you know how (my son) is finishing up 5th grade. His reading level has gone from a 3.3 grade equivalent in August 2015 to a 5.5 grade equivalency for the third quarter . He also has 95.6 AR points as of today and is on pace to end the year with 100 points! His math assessment started at 4.8 at the beginning of the school year and in January of this year he assessed at an 8.0 grade level. He still has access to accommodations through the resource room and within his general education classrooms. We all continue to reinforce what he has learned while at Read Write and monitor him for any signs of regression.
Thank you, Hunter and all the Read Write staff, for helping (him) find confidence in his own potential to succeed. “
— Mom of Read Write Graduate